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Note you may also find our Glossary of Solar Terms page helpful.

Q) How much income will I receive from my solar PV installation?

A) You will receive payments for the all electricity you generate, even if you use that electricity yourself. However, if you generate electricity surplus to your requirements, you will receive additional "Export" payments for selling your electricity back to the National Grid. Please see our Benefits page for more information.


Q) What is the Clean Energy Cashback Scheme?

A) This is a Government Scheme to provide an incentive for installing a clean power generation system such as solar power. The incentive comes in the form of guaranteed payments for electricity generation and export of surplus electricity to the National Grid. The Scheme aims to allow those investing in solar power to see an overall return on their investment. Please see our Benefits page for further explanation.


Q) Do I need planning permission?

A) Solar panels do not usually need planning permission as they are covered by permitted development rights. However, planning permission may be required if you live in a listed building, an area of outstanding natural beauty or a conservation area. Check with your local authority.


Q) Do you undertake work on listed buildings?

A) Yes, we undertake work on grade II listed buildings and conservation area work. Normally you don’t need planning permission to fit solar panels but always check with your local authority to make sure.


Q) Will my roof be suitable?

A) Your roof will need to be strong enough to take the weight of the panels, and at least 10 square metres of roof will be needed. Our experienced technician will make certain that the roof is secure before the installation.  


Q) Which type of roof is best for a solar installation?

A) A south-facing, sloping, unobstructed roof is best, but a west or east facing roof can also be used.


Q) How are the solar panels fixed to the roof?

A) The solar panels are fixed to the roof with brackets and bolts.


Q) Why Choose Global First Solar Ltd?

A) We are dedicated to deliver on customer expectations. Our knowledge and experience within the field guarantees a professionally installed solar system at a competitive price.


Q) How long does a solar panel installation usually take?

A) Typically between 1-2 days, depending on the nature of the roof, size of the system etc.


Q) Does solar power work on cloudy days?

A) Yes, solar panels will produce electricity even on cloudy days, because they depend on light intensity rather than direct sunlight or the heat of the sun.


Q) Does solar power work during the winter months?

A) Yes, the systems will work all year round. However, maximum levels of performance will be achieved during the summer months.


Q) Do solar panels require much maintenance?

A) No, they are low maintenance, but should be check for dirt and debris annually.


Q) How much electricity can a solar PV system generate?

A) The table below gives the estimates of how much electricity can be generated and exported to the grid for solar PV systems of various sizes. For full information on the savings to be made, see our Benefits page.

Installed system size 1 kWp 2 kWp 3 kWp 4 kWp
Annual Generation (kWh) 892 1,734 2,601 3,366
Annual Export (kWh) 446 867 1,300 1,683


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